Frequently Asked Questions From New Subscribers

I often receive questions from folks who've signed up for a free month of Python Morsels and are concerned about how the paid subscription works and what value there is in it. I'd like to answer some of the most common questions I've received.

If you have a question that doesn't seem to be on this page, please feel free to email me your question to me at

Why do I only have 1 exercise? Where are all my exercises?

After you sign up you'll be assigned 1 exercise immediately. Then each Monday at 7am US/Pacific time you'll be assigned another exercise according to the skill level you've chosen.

I send 1 exercise each week to encourage habit-forming (regular habitual learning is very effective) and discourage binge-learning (cramming is not effective for learning).

How is this different from Hacker Rank, Exercism, Code Wars, etc.?

Python Morsels is a bit different from other Python practice

I pour a lot of my time into Python Morsels exercises. I spend many hours vetting ideas, breaking problems into interesting bonuses, writing explanations for notable solutions, responding to feedback from beta testers, and fixing bugs in exercises based on feedback from you (if you've reported a bug, thank you!). I also spend time and money on the development of the Python Morsels web app. These hours result in something which I hope is uniquely useful.

Unlike Exercism, Project Euler, Hacker Rank, Code Wars, and CheckIO, Python Morsels is targeted less at algorithmic or mathematical exercises and more at embracing the tools and features available in the Python programming language. I have dozens of rejected exercise ideas which I'd love to do but I haven't found an answer to the question "what is there to learn about Python in this problem"?

If you're looking for exercises which help you understand Python better and practice useful everyday Python skills, Python Morsels is probably a good fit for you. If you want exercises for algorithmic interview prep, to learn how to program in general, or to solve fun math problems, you may want to look elsewhere.

What if one exercise per week is too frequent for me?

If one exercise per week is too much, you might consider signing up for the Lite plan. It's just $5/month for 1 exercise every month.

When I decide to cancel one day, what will happen and how does that work?

Cancelling puts your account into a non-renewing state. So rather than stopping exercises immediately, cancelling will stop them at the end of your current billing term.

When you cancel, you'll continue to have access to all the exercises you were assigned while subscribed. You'll still be able to submit solutions for the exercises through the app and you'll still have access to both the problem statements and the solution walk-throughs. If you ever re-subscribe, you'll start up from where you left off.

What if I can't afford a Python Morsels subscription?

If you make an SF bay area tech salary, $20/month likely isn't much at all. On the other hand, if you make a fraction of the salary made by many bay area tech folks, $20/month might be a considerable sum of money.

If you can't afford a Python Morsels subscription, I may have a discount that's suitable for you. I offer discounts to students as well as discounts to anyone residing outside of the top 50 countries by nominal GDP (that's most of the world, so that may include you). See the discounts page for more details.

Can I get access to your entire collection of exercises at once?

This isn't currently an option. I do have an experimental subscription plan for this feature. You're welcome to email me about it if you're interested in this feature.

If I don't subscribe, will you keep emailing me interesting things about Python?

If you're subscribed to my newsletter, then yes. I make some announcements only to active Python Morsels subscribers, but the majority of my Python-related emails are sent through my free Python newsletter.

If I don't subscribe now, can I still subscribe later?

Most likely, yes. The price may be different in the future, but you're welcome to subscribe, cancel, and re-subscribe whenever you'd like.

Great, so how do I subscribe?

You can find options to sign up for a paid Python Morsels subscription on your subscription management page.

Can I use third-party modules like requests?

You cannot. The online testing tool does not have any third-party modules installed.

I may consider allowing certain third-party modules eventually, but I likely won't ever allow arbitrary third-party modules (since that would pose a security concern because anyone can put anything on the Python Package Index, even malicious code).
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