After I cancel, will I still have access to the exercises I've already received?

Yes you will!

You will always be able to login to view the exercises you've already received. You'll also always be able to submit solutions to those exercises and track your progress on those exercises.

After I cancel, will can I still use my exercise credits?

Yes you can. Your exercise credits won't disappear upon cancellation.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you have an active/paying subscription, you can cancel your subscription on the subscription management page.

If you have a trial subscription, see How can I cancel my trial early.

What happens when I cancel? Will my exercises immediately stop?

Your exercises will not immediately stop when you cancel.

When you cancel, your subscription will be marked as "non-renewing", meaning you will not be billed again.

You'll continue to receive exercises until the end of your billing term.

Can I cancel and then pause?

Yes. If you'd like to make your account non-renewing and you also want to pause your subscription to keep receiving the rest of your remaining exercises later, you can do so by cancelling and then pausing.

What if I want to cancel and get a refund?

There's no way to do that within the app, but I can issue refunds and immediate cancellations upon request.

Email to request a refund.

Can I re-subscribe after I cancel? What happens?

Absolutely. You'll continue to receive exercises from where you left off in your skill level. You'll never receive the same exercise twice if you start up your subscription again.

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