Switching Plans

Want to switch from Lite to All Access? Or maybe you'd like to switch from monthly to annual billing? Here's an explanation of how that works. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us to ask it.

What happens when you switch plans (from Lite to All Access for example)?

You'll receive prorated credit when you switch plans. So if 6 months into the Lite Annual plan (paying $120/year) you switched to All Access plan (at $240/year) you'll get a $60 credit added to your subscription, meaning your first invoice for the All Access plan will be $180 instead of $240.

Do plan switches happen immediately?

They do. But you'll receive prorated credit when you switch plans (see the question above).

Can I be subscribed to two plans at once?

You cannot. When you subscribe to a different plan, you'll switch from your old plan to your new one immediately (with prorated credit as discussed above).

What if I have a lot of credit in my account (by downgrading from All Access to Lite for example)?

Credit doesn't just apply to your first invoice. Any credit you have in your billing account due to plan switches will remain until it's all used up.

So if you subscribed to the annual All Access plan (at $240/year) and you realized 3 months in that you'd like to switch to the annual Lite plan instead (at $120/year), you'll receive $180 in prorated credit (75% since you've been subscribed 3/12 months) which means your first invoice for the annual Lite plan (one immediately and one in a year) should be for $0 ($120-$120) and your second invoice would be $60 ($120-$60).

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