How do I pause my account?

After you login, you can pause your account by clicking the Subscription menu link and clicking the "Pause" link:

You'll then select a date to receive a reminder to resume.

While your subscription is paused, you will retain access to the website but you will not receive exercise recommendation emails.

If you're in trial mode or if you do not have a paid, see pausing during trial.

What is the difference between pausing and canceling?

Pausing your account immediately stops the exercise recommendation emails. It does not stop your access to the screencasts or exercises through the website.

When paused on the All Access plan, you will not receive recommendation emails, but you will still have full access no solve and claim new exercises on the website.

When paused on the Lite plan, each month you'll receive an exercise credit (just as you normally would each Monday unless your account is in Legacy Mode).

Cancelling your account will keep your exercise emails going until the end of the term (just before your monthly payment would have been or at the end of your annual subscription). After that you will stop being billed and you will not see anymore exercise recommendation. For more information on cancelling, see Cancelling.

Can I pause my account during the 1 month trial period?

The usual pause flow doesn't work while in trial, but you can pause exercises in trial.If you click the Disable Exercises button at the bottom of your Preferences page, you'll stop receiving exercise:

The exercise credits in your account (you'll have 4 right after you sign up) will remain in your account ready to be used when you resume.

When you decide to resume, you can click the Enable Exercises button (on the same page) and you'll start receiving exercises again (starting the following Monday):

Can I pause my redemption code?

If you're a paying user, you can pause your account from your subscription page (see this answer above).

If you're not a paying user, you can pause by manually disabling the usage of your exercise credits with a big red button at the bottom of your Preferences page:

When you decide to start using your exercise credits again each week, you can click the Enable Exercises button (on the same page) and you'll start receiving exercises again starting on Monday:

If I have an annual plan and I pause for 3 months, will 3 months be added to my 12 month end date?

No, pausing will not extend your next billing date. Upon resuming a paused subscription, the billing term will remain the same. If you're on the Lite plan, you'll still receive an exercise credit (but no recommendation emails). On the All Access plan, pausing simply stops recommendation emails from sending.

What happens when resuming?

When you resume, you'll start receiving exercises again and you'll start being billed again. You will be billed at the beginning of your next billing term (as usual). If you resume after your billing term has already ended, you'll be billed immediately for the new billing term.

What happens if I pause and don't resume?

When your resume time comes, you'll receive a notice reminding you to resume your account. If you don't act on the notice you'll receive another 2 reminder emails to resume and then your account will be auto-cancelled after a couple months of inaction.

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