Humble Bundle

Can I pause the exercises I get each week?

If you signed up for Python Morsels through the Humble Bundle, you cannot pause during the 6 month period. This is an unfortunate side effect of the way the 6 month no-payment-needed Python Morsels trial was setup for the Humble Bundle.

You could work around this limitation by either:

1. Creating an email filter and noting which exercises you haven't gone through yet (you can see your progress through the website as well)

2. Or removing the emails and just use the website by unchecking the "receive exercise emails" checkbox on your account settings page or and then re-checking that checkbox when you'd like to keep getting the emails.

How can I tell whether I've redeemed my Humble Bundle code?

Currently the only way to tell is to try to redeem the code again and see whether you receive an error message like this:

If you see that message, that means you've already redeemed your code in this account and you should be all set to use Python Morsels frfor 6 months!

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