Exercise Credits

If my account is cancelled, can I still use exercise credits?

Yes you can. When your account is cancelled, you can still login to the Python Morsels site to use your exercise credits.

When are credits used?

If you ever cancel your account, you'll automatically start using your credits to receive exercises.

Alternatively, you can go to your subscription page and click a button there (shown below) to spend a credit at any point to receive another exercise assignment (taken from your current skill level or path).

How can I get exercise credits?

If you pause your account, you'll receive an exercise credit instead of an assignment each Monday.

If you apply a redemption code to your account (e.g. a Humble Bundle code or some other promotional code), you'll receive exercise credits.

Can I pause my exercise credit usage (to stop using them automatically)?

If you're a paying user, you can pause your account from your subscription page.

If you're not a paying user, you can pause by manually disabling the usage of your exercise credits with a big red button at the bottom of your Preferences page:

When you decide to start using your exercise credits again each week, you can click the Enable Exercises button (on the same page) and you'll start receiving exercises again starting on Monday:

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