Advice for Teams

This page is a compilation of Trey's advice for helping teams get the most out of their Python Morsels account.

This advice is all optional, but if you'd like to make the most out of your learning I recommend considering these ideas.

Solve exercises together

Python Morsels can act as both a learning tool and a team bonding ritual (yes that sounds cheesy, but it's often fun).

For example you could:

  • Pick an exercise you'd like to solve as a team this week (ignoring Trey's recommendation, if it's different), work on the exercise individually, and then share what you've learned either over your group chat system (Slack, MS Teams, etc) or during a short meeting at the end of the week
  • Allocate a coffee & code hour each week, during which you pick an exercise and practice mob programming. One person has their hands on the keyboard and everyone else discusses what steps to take next to move the code toward a maintainable solution

When discussing the different solutions to Python Morsels exercises, you'll likely find that your code style preferences occasionally differ, sometimes in fundamental ways. You may decide to use moments like that as an opportunity to determine what style(s) you'd like to adopt as a team (which often necessitates compromise) and document the chosen style.

Share with your coworkers

Regardless of whether you're solving exercises together, you can benefit yourself and your coworkers by discussing what you've been learning.

Reflecting on your learning and thinking through spoken or written words is helpful for solidifying your learning and your thinking (as they say, "teaching is the best way to learn"). Furthermore, discussions help all parties involved deepen their learning.

To foster reflection and discussions, I recommend either:

  • holding a short weekly meeting to share your learning with coworkers
  • starting a channel in Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. to share what you've each learned during the week
  • presenting lightning talks or other short form presentations on concepts you've learned

Managing your team

You can visit your team management page by clicking "Team" in the top navigation bar while logged-in with your Python Morsels team account. From this page you'll be able to see the number of exercises each team member has worked on, the last exercise submission date, and how many screencasts each team member has watched.

Known limitations to work around

Right now Python Morsels team plans don't have a way to "synchronize" the exercises recommended each week with those of your coworkers. You can get around this limitation by manually sharing a link to the exercise you plan to work on this week.

Python Morsels doesn't include a way to share your solutions with coworkers. You can copy your solution into a pastebin to link a coworker to your solution.

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