Team Plans

Want to join Python Morsels as a team? This page explains how team plans work.

How does setting up and managing the plan work?

Trey or another Python Morsels staff member will need to setup your team plan.

To setup your plan we'll need:

  • the email addresses of each team member
  • the Purchase Order Number we'll use for your invoice (if any)

Team plans are not yet self-managed, so whenever you want to remove or add team members, you'll need to email with your request.

Whenever a new member is added to your team, we'll send them an email with an invitation link from which they can finish setting up their team account.

Each team has one "leader"

Each team account has one "leader" user. Team leaders manage the billing information for their team.

Team leaders can see each subscription their team currently has, including the Purchase Order number, plan name, next billing date, number of users, and the price per user (as well as the total monthly and annual subscription prices).

Team leaders have the ability to see details for each team member, including:

  • email address (changeable by admins only)
  • payment plan details (changeable by admins only)
  • Purchase Order number (changeable by admins only)
  • skill level (can be changed by each user)
  • number of exercises assigned
  • number of exercises with solutions submitted
  • last date an exercise was submitted

Note that team leaders are also paying users and each team needs exactly one leader (if you have 3 users in your team, one of them must be the team leader).

What are the plan options?

Each team member can have either a monthly or an annual subscription. Teams can also have a mix of monthly and annual subscriptions if needed.

How are team plans different?

With a team plan, you'll have a Purchase Order on your invoices. You'll also be able to pay via alternate payment methods such as bank transfers.

Teams don't currently include collaboration features (team member accounts cannot "see" each other) but team leaders do have the ability to check in on how recently their members have used Python Morsels.

Advice for new teams

I've compiled some advice for Python Morsels teams here.

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