Catch-up Mode

Note: this article is outdated and only applies to users with Legacy Mode accounts.

What is catch-up mode?

Catch-up mode allows you to "catch-up" on your exercises more easily.

With catch-up mode enabled, every week you'll receive an email for the oldest exercise that you haven't submitted a solution for yet.

How to enable/disable catch-up mode?

You can enable/disable catch-up mode with a check box your Account page.

Why am I getting the same exercise every week?

The downside to catch-up mode is that if you don't take action on an exercise each week, you'll receive the same exercise over and over.

To stop receiving a particular exercise you can either submit a solution for the exercise or click the "Skip" button on the exercise submission page.

Will I still get a new exercise assigned to me each week?

As long as you're subscribed, you'll still get a new exercise assigned to you each week, even with catch-up mode enabled. However, unless you've caught up to the latest exercise, you won't receive an email about the latest exercise. It'll just be quietly added to the bottom of your exercises list, so you can attempt it once you've caught up (or at any other time, if you want to skip ahead).

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