Skill Levels

How do I change my skill level?

You can change your skill level on your Account Settings page. This will change which exercises you receive each week.

What are examples of the topics covered in each skill level?

You can find examples of the topics in the different skill levels on the Skill Levels page on the website.

Do different skill levels ever get the same exercises?

Yes they do.

For example the Novice skill level eventually starts receiving some of the same exercises that are in the Intermediate skill level.

The Intermediate skill level also eventually receives exercises which are in the Advanced level also.

Can I be signed up for two skill levels at once?

You cannot. But you can select exercises from other skill levels at any time from the exercise vault (as long as your account isn't in Legacy Mode).

What happens if I change skill levels? Will I ever get the same exercise again?

If you change skill levels, you'll start receiving exercises from the new level, starting with the next exercise you receive (next Monday as usual). You'll still see all the exercises you've received previously.

If your new level includes exercises you've already received, they'll be skipped over because you've already received them.

You will never receive the same exercise twice.

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